v: living room tour 1001 beijing 2020 v:客厅巡演1001北京 2020
v: 3 movements improvisation 2019
v: meta music no.2 2018
v: time sections (performative exhibition) 2018
v: music for museum no.2 2018
v: island show pt.1; pt.2&3 2018
v: noise music 2018
v: 噪音音乐 2018;
v: solo with background 2018; v: linear duo (essential version) 2018
v: 带背景的独奏 2018v:线性二重奏(基础版本)2018
v: 日内瓦反馈独奏 feedback solo geneva 2017
;v: 多特蒙德反馈独奏 feedback solo dortmund 2017
a: one audience (lateral addition) 2017
v: one of us (a theater of music) 2017
v: 无标题音乐2号 absolute music no.2 2017
v: 和兑纳尔的二重奏 duo with axel dörner 2017
v: 情绪音乐 emotional music 2017
v: 柏林反馈独奏/东京客厅巡演/柏林扩声舞蹈/东京原声舞蹈 2016
….berlin feedback / tokyo living room / berlin amplified dance / tokyo acoustic dance 2016

a: 敌台密集音乐会回顾 Radio Enemy on Miji Concert 2011-2016
v: 手势(一)北京 Gestures (One) beijing 2015
v: 鹿特丹行动 Let’s Act with Yan Jun 2014; 2nd version
v: 维也纳静物 still live in vienna 2014
v: 北京客厅巡演视频 Living Room Tour beijing 2014
v: 和莱昂内尔·马凯蒂 duo with Lionel Marchetti 2013
v: 北京噪音催眠 Noise Hypnotizing beijing 2013
v: Densités 艺术节 Festival Densités 2012
v: 洛桑地下电影和音乐节 solo at LUFF 2012
v: 桌子音乐 table music 2012
v: 香港现场 solo and group in hongkong 2011
a: 洛桑和布拉格独奏 feedback solo from europe tour 2010
v: 柏林二重奏 duo with Olaf Hochherz in berlin 2010
a: 和诺德、李增辉三重奏 trio with Noid & Li Zenghui 2010
a: 和巫娜 duo with Wu Na 2010
a: 东京微型反馈 micro-feedback tokyo 2009
v: 颜峻+折磨护士 Yan Jun + Torturing Nurse 2008