herbal international; cd; 2018

试听 listen


track 1-3:
recorded during Jason Kahn & Yan Jun Voice Duo rehearsals at Yan Jun’s flat, Beijing, march, 2016. all voices were deleted.

track 4:
recorded live during a concert of Jason Kahn & Yan Jun Voice Duo at fRUITY Space, Beijing, march 30th, 2016; batteries of the recorder run out right at the beginning of the set.

track 5:
recorded live during 5 concerts of Jason Kahn & Yan Jun Voice Duo south china tour (along with Jun-Y Ciao) in april, 2016. organized by Heterotopia (Suzhou). all voices of performances and speeches were muted.
5 of these recordings were overlapped as a mix. all their ends were fixed on same time spot, i.e. they stopped together in this mix.
auditory spatially, from left to right: Nanjing University of The Arts, Nanjing, april 1st; Canal Art Museum, Wuxi, april 2nd; Hill House, Suzhou, April 3rd; Lineout, Hangzhou, april 6th; Power Station of Art, Shanghai, april 7th.

recorded by yan jun
mixed by yan jun, during april 21st-26th, 2016, beijing
mastered by jason kahn

track list:
1: 01’57”
2: 00’56”
3: 02’26”
4: 03’02”
5: 36’37”

all art works by Zhang Hui
cover: Reflection No.1, and No.2; back: Relief Sculpture (Listening No.4); other (by order of opening): Relief Sculpture (Listening No.1, 2 and 3)
designed by: Cassi Lai

non of us has voice remained in this voice duo recording.

thanx: Pro Helvetia, Lee Kwang, Liu Yimin, Tong Xu and Heterotopia
(Suzhou), Zhang Hui, Long March Space (Beijing)