– Your first presentation at ohrenhoch was the world premiere “Berlin_snowed” in 2011. Your idea was: you asked me to make some recording of the sound gallery ‘ohrenhoch’ (without playing sound). Later on you processed the recording in Beijing.
How did you get this idea or concept?

i love to be on site before do anything. i arrive concert venues in 4 or 5 hours advance if possible. i always like to visit people’s home.
if it’s not possible i’d like to have some sound from it, at least.
a minimal relationship.
the process i did was feedback with your recording. that’s double feedback: sound of ohrenhoch and sound of my home studio. by the instability of feedback i have to be very careful to control (or let go) the equipments during this process. as i was the sound which melting into the joint space.

– How would you describe your musical/artistic career, and how did you get the idea of creating sound objects, the Speaker Flowers specifically?

i was a music critic. started to make music since 2004. then sound related art in recent years. and i write.
what i want from my career is be with the sounds trigger me thrill. and wake up in the morning and feel the desire of write poetry. it’s difficult to have these moment. i’m strugle for that. working hard, thinking hard, d.i.y. etc. but anyway it’s a nice career. and i’m lucky compare to many other artist who has no chance to show their works.
i have no specific idea to creating sound objects. i need develope something so i try that with my poor technics. the speaker flowers are a result. i want something light and flexible. for these flowers i have made some cables which contains 12 female jacks each. i make a long wire of speaker flowers to fill a space. as vine. or plug earphones for audience to listen to my feedback hypnotizing. i hope everything has multiple functions and can be replaced in a system.

– How would you, as an electronic musician/artist, describe the matter of current or electricity?

yesterday i played a concert as member of Tea Rocker Quintet (i think it’s a mad easy listening band, or twist world music band.) another member, our tea master choosen different tea cups for each of us for drinking. my one was made by burned on fire which generated by electric machine. the rest all been on wood or charcoal fire.
there is a worship to bio food/nature/saving the earth etc, alongside the worship to hi-definition tv and hi-speed train. i think they are two sides of one coin.
electricity is not the best thing on the world. but i’m not able to live with the best things such as fresh air, srping water, peaceful people, charcoal fire and nature-friendly a.i. house. electricity is my reality. a part of my body. sometimes i work with touch synthesizer. i work at home. i don’t know so much about electriciy, neither my body. but one thing i know is, they are my current reality.

– What do you think about the internet – did the working with computer change your attitude towards your (maybe traditional) instrument generally? If so, how does it manifest?

i don’t use laptop for concert. the feeling is stupid. sounds like i have some secrets.
but i’m not a technician, neither instrumentalist.
i use computer to edit sound. not so many modulation works. writing. email. i write more than 2000 emails per year. therefore the more i use computer the more i want to keep it away.
in term of internet, you know chinese people have to use proxy or vpn for visit facebook and you have to do samiliar thing to visit google music bank and chinese online video websites. personally i like it. this makes the world a bit difficult and different.

– Your speaker flowers have something integral – spontaneously: nature on the one hand, and technology (human) on the other hand. Are you trying to integrate those two poles, or am I succumbed to my typically European idealism?
for me nature, human and this simple technology are just one thing. garbage, traffic and electricity are part of nature. human are part of nature. and the so-called nature can not be separated from them. i have to say the world is a huge garbage dump and our body is belong to it. i respect this fact and enjoy it.
the speaker flowers are just my way to live in the wonderful dump.

– what do you think, what will the future of music or sounds and noises lead to, and what forms of presentation of music will emerge in the future? (imagine making a sience fiction movie in the year 10.000)
Jacques Attali published his “Noise: The Political Economy of Music” when he was 34 years old. now he is just another stupid banker and trash writer on the opposite side of both social and creative meaning of noise. once, he imaged the future of music is everyone play, play for themselves and invent ones own instrument. that means today’s experimental music and free improvisation. but his own story tell us, the future is not that simple. the revolutionary music don’t bring a final victory.
but i agree what cage said in “Overpopulation and Art”: conduct from failure to failure. Anarchy, it promises nothing. Mind, up to the final victory…
in europe, music (including so-called noise music) is already perfectly split from noise and set up into the noise coltrol system. the near future i can image is a break of this boarder and system. is death of meaning of music. is returning noise to noise.
in the year 10,000, unfortunately, physically human will not change so much that be able to hear what bats hear. but i’m sure today’s shit music will be forget and new shit will be created. media will be changed, therefore the way we listen will be changed. but one thing important is people still need to be together for a collective event of music. unless human really evolving to a new form that they don’t run away from their loneliness.

– how strongly is your culture anchored in your art but also in your life form, and how does this manifest?
i have only one culture which is the contemporary one. in another word, the temporary one.
i don’t have good education neither personal link to traditional culture. my country is pemanently and dramaticly changing since my grand-grand father’s time. i have no determinate moral axis. i had no great mentor to follow or to rebel. my root is no root.
but i have a root which is “no root”.
and it is my art and my life. i’m trying to be more lost and more temporary. what i creat is to be passed. in the best case, they are all triggers or doors.

– Your speaker flowers can be bought at ohrenhoch, exclusively. What would you give to the visitors for their path, besides the speaker flowers?
listen to the concert your pillow plays with your hair when you go to bed. pay it if necessary.

– Are there some specific operating instructions for those who will buy a Speaker Flower?
don’t sit on a flower.

(Questions by Knut Remond; for exhibition booklet. Ohrenhoch, Berlin in March and April 2012)