kandala records; cd; 2016

it was july 1st of 2015. it was during a week while petr vrba staying at yan jun and qiao qiao’s flat in beijing. yan jun’s friend rain was visiting as well. with (sometimes without) qiao qiao and rain, they went to a bar called sos. they observed a living room concert after flood in lobby. they played at meridian space and another living room. they ate sushi and lamb shaomai. they taken off t-shirts at a hot pot restaurant after drunk some erguotou. they did online shopping, twice. they walk. they recorded this album at the flat with three windows opened. rain was listening and moving like a tree. while the tree leaves outside were moved by wind and (real) rain. rain’s pen name is hsia yu, the same pronunciation of raining.

petr vrba: trumpet, electronics
yan jun: feedback

recorded and edited by yan jun
mastered by taku unami
illustration by Dawang yingfan Huang