no rent; c48; limited 100; 2017

cassette 磁带
video 视频
no rent records

a1: the internationale
a2: the national anthems
a3: … of people
b1: for andy
b2: borders 1
b3: borders 2
b4: … of others

based on different kind of found recordings (classical music, popular music, films, tv commercials, educational programs, sports, historical speeches, etc.). signals of such recordings were sent to no-input mixer feedback channels for interfering the feedback noises. no manual manipulations except track b3 (mono recording edited into stereo).
track b1 is based on 4 tracks of unreleased saxophone and percussion duo recordings by andy guhl and norbert möslang in 1970s.
some high frequencies may not appear on cassette tape.

基于不同类型的现成声音(古典音乐、流行音乐、电影、电视广告、教育节目、体育节目、历史性演说……)。声音信号输入到调音台的“无输入源反馈”轨道,用来影响反馈回路的噪音。没有手动操作(除了 b3,从单声道编辑成了立体声)。
b1 基于4首未发表的萨克斯和打击乐二重奏录音,由 andy guhl 和 norbert möslang 演奏,1970年代录音。

recorded in august and september, 2016; during daad artist-in-residency program in berlin.

photo by yan jun

thanx: andy guhl and tabea guhl
thanx: Adam Audio