room 40; digital; 2018

来自观众 from audience
数字音频 bandcamp
2017年创作于柏林 daad 驻留工作室
a question about audience: since long time i enjoy to listen to the quiet moments of audience stopping make sounds and starting to concentrate on concert. and of course and the sounds they make during concerts and the environment sounds everybody share, with music. i’m wondering how and when one turns himself/herself into the identity of an audience. or better say into part of the collective identity of audience. it’s a way of joining in a collective. but what kind of collective? is it the way we deserve to living together and building the world?

all materials are field recordings from concerts in different occasions during 2015-2017. most of the sounds were from audience members and environment. recorded by Yan Jun; using portable recorders, smart phones and hydrophones.
composed by Yan Jun; at DAAD residency studio, berlin; march 2017
mastered by Taku Unami

a commission work for documenta 14 Radio Program

无条件的爱 unconditional love
数字音频 bandcamp
Unconditional Love, a collection of two incredibly singular mixer feedback works, typified Yan Jun’s investigations into tonality and pitch. Having created a series of related works over the years, this piece perhaps summarises these concerns. Each of the extended performances pushes at the edges of our auditory capacities. Occasionally they fall beyond what we might readily appreciate and in those moments we are asked to consider our own physiology and its particularities.

recorded at The Row, Kuala Lumpur; September 13, 2015

track 1 reworked at NTU CCA Singapore residency studio; September 30 – October 1, 2015
track 2 reworked at home, Beijing; March 29 – 30, 2016

mastered by Lawrence English
calligraphy by Che Qianzi

un-mastered version of track 1 was previously exhibited at CONTEXT Art Miami and CONTEXT New York. curated by Christoph Cox.

originally recorded during an event sponsored by Heineken beer.
also want to say thanx to Charlemagne Palestine for his Jamaica Heinekens In Brooklyn.
Unconditional Love is borrowed from name of a bar in Beijing.
the original tracks are no-input feedback improvisation. reworked by muting, changing volume and fading in/out as composition methods. no cutting and overdub mixing.
try headphone.

thanx: Mak Wai Hoo, Christoph Cox, Lawrence English