c50; 2019; 100 copies; no rent records

voice and short-circuit by body 电子独奏(开放电路接触身体造成的短路)和人声独奏

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a1 northwest, voice 3’17”
a2 nowhere, electronics 3’17”
a3 lanzhou, voice 14’29”
a4 where, electronics 3’17”
b1 northwest, electronics 3’17”
b2 nowhere, voice 3’17”
b3 lanzhou, electronics 14’29”
b4 where, voice 3’17”

recorded by yan jun; march 2019; studio h and home, beijing
voice and short-circuit by body; additionally piezo feedback; track b4 recorded on smart phone.
pre-mastered by yan jun; mastered by r.a.e
photos by 康赫 kang he (12 portraits of yan jun)

many years ago someone told me that i should curse and spit in the case of having ghost-on-bed kind of nightmare (sleep paralysis the doctors would say). since then i curse when it happens. and it works. and i realized that i always using dialect of lanzhou, my hometown, during this situation, despite i have been relocated to beijing since 1999. people who share a room or bed with me also told me that they hear that from time to time.
during this recording i have tried to perform more variations but finally have to admitted that i’m not a good swearer. the ghosts must feel boring.