cd; limited 200 copies; ftarri; 2019

bandcamp; 微店

1, another rose is ok (22:33)
2, another name is also ok (22:18)

yan jun:feedback

mixing and mastering: 大城真
editing: yan jun

2017年のUKツアーの合間にベルリンにDAADのレジデンスで滞在してるYan Junのスタジオを訪ねた際に録音した音源です。

3週間あるツアーの間、5日くらいオフが出来たんで宿代の高いロンドンに滞在するならLCCでベルリン飛んでDAADの広いスタジオにタダ泊させてもらって友達と飲み行こうというセコい発想だったんですが、Yan Junに楽器持ってこいよと言われ、1日とって昼過ぎから数時間、合間の休憩で白茶を入れてもらってマッタリしつつの録音でした。
準備してるとこから音は録ってたんですが、とりあえずカット入れずにラフミックス作った後に送られてきたヤンジュンの編集聴いたら演奏始める直前にオレがトイレに行くとこから始まってた(tr01のanother rose is ok)。これはこれで良い感じだな、って事でそのままマスタリングする事にしました。

そういえば確か同じ日の夜に森本 誠士さんと合流してLabor Sonorのコンサートを観に行った記憶が。


In 2017, while on a 3 week tour in the UK, I visited Yan Jun who was staying in Berlin doing his residency at DAAD, and this recording was done during my stay at his studio.
The cover was designed by Tomoko Ito 伊東 友子.

I had a few days off in London during the tour, but I figured it would cost less and be fun to visit Berlin, crash on Yan Jun’s couch in his luxurious studio and hang out having beers. However he told me to bring over my instrumets to do some recordings. So, we took about half a day to record, and also chill and chatt over Yan Jun’s exelent Bái-Chá during our long intermission.
The recording actually starts from where we are preparing, and Yan Jun’s edit of my rough mix includes a scene where I go to the restroom just right before we perform (tr01 – another rose is ok). Although it’s a rough mix it sounded quite balanced after this edit, so I decided to master it without adding anything extra.

I also remember joining Seiji Morimoto later this day and go see Labor Sonor…

–Oshiro makoto