wormhole small
场地定制,声音装置,定制CDR,2008 – 2009 site-specific, sound installation, customized CDR, 2008 – 2009

2008年11月8日 – 2009年11月7日
地址:北京市朝阳区 建外SOHO西区 15号楼B1-1503;电话:59004374


The Shop, Beijing. commissioned by The Shop.
4 of many pipes in The Shop. contact microphones, audio cables, mixer, headphone. sounds exist in the building (mainly the parts closed to The Shop): human activities, movement of water or air in pipes, machine… natural resonance in the pipes.
choose one of the 4 pipes to listen. or mix several sounds of the pipes. choose a time and date to book a recording. never same.
November 8, 2008 – November 7, 2009
address: B1-1503, Building15, Jianwai SOHO West Area, Chaoyang District, Beijing; tel: 59004374

extended release: Wormhole Trip OST


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